The German Accreditation council for certifying bodies helps markets work better by providing internationally recognised accreditation services that create economic benefit.

Accreditation has many flow-on benefits throughout the market chain for business, regulators and government by:

  • reducing compliance and transaction costs,
  • reducing risk
  • streamlining operations
  • breaking down barriers to trade, which provides greater access to foreign markets. and providing assurance that goods and services sold are safe and can be used for their intended purpose.

  • Accreditation adds value to the ever growing and increasingly complicated market chain in many ways, including by providing a symbol of assurance that certifiers and inspectors are independent and competent to perform their duties.

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    According to ISO17011:2004 Accreditation means: Third–party attestation related to a conformity assessment body conveying formal demonstration of its competence to carry out specific assessment tasks.

    ISO 9001:2008 specifies the requirements for a quality management system where an organization Needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system.

    The world is moving towards a free market, where customers require that the suppliers of goods and services meet their needs and expectations in an effective and efficient manner. And the customers and their competing suppliers both depend on the compliance mechanism based on conformity assessment to the various specifications, requirements and standards. This phenomenon has thrown open new challenge of eliminating unnecessary and costly trade barriers.

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    Quality Management Systems ISO 9001


    Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001


    Food Safety Management System ISO 22000


    Information Security Management System ISO 27001


    Accreditation benefits are-

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