Accreditation Information / Why seek Accreditation

The world is moving towards a free market, where customers require that the suppliers of goods and services meet their needs and expectations in an effective and efficient manner. And the customers and their competing suppliers both depend on the compliance mechanism based on conformity assessment to the various specifications, requirements and standards. This phenomenon has thrown open new challenge of eliminating unnecessary and costly trade barriers.
Recognizing the need of equivalency across boundaries, many governments across the globe are redefining their role from controller to facilitator and the trade and industries now mind their businesses with the self regulation. Although governments might provide polices to ensure that the goods, services and environment fulfills the peoples’ needs, the voluntary participation of private sector with clear customer focus ensures the production and delivery as such.
SAFL has the clear focus on these private sector Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) and Further Training and Educational Institutions who require less policing and more support to ensure that the goods and services meet the requirements and expectations of the global communities of businesses and consumers.
Accreditation is a voluntary process. However, formal third party attestation of a Conformity Assessment Body may become further desirable for demonstrating its competence. Accreditation enables it to do this.

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